Skills Development Training for People with Visual Impairment

 The African Eye Institute has recently introduced development programmes to empower 

adults with visual impairment to build on and improve their skills.

Programme benefits include:


Increased prospects of employment and access to higher education.

Improvement in communication with others.

Increased levels of self-confidence, self-esteem and independence.


Blind Lady Computer
Basic Computer Literacy

The primary aim of our Basic Computer Literacy programme is to equip clients with computer skills that create access to education, make them more employable, and to enhance accessibility to global information and communication options. It is also essential for those starting their own small businesses for the purposes of preparing quotations, invoicing, financial management, electronic communication, and research on the internet. Using screen-reading software installed computers, our clients are trained to effectively navigate most commonly used computer applications entirely without eye sight.

Sound Engineering
Music Development

The AEI identified a need to provide Music Development training to people with Visual impairment, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, unable to access such training elsewhere. Owing to the high costs, the area of performing arts, specifically music development, is not an area of education provided by most schools and training providers. The primary objective of this programme is to promote social participation, economic empowerment and to improve the quality of life of people, through music development training. Vocal training, sound engineering, playing the piano and other musical instruments are the focus areas of this programme.

Ronald Dlamini
Self-Defence Training

Violence against women and children is rife in South Africa, and vulnerable people — such as those with visual impairment and other disabilities — find it difficult to protect themselves against such violence. Yet programmes that teach self-defence skills to people with disabilities to protect themselves against sexual and other abuse, are not readily available. Changing a negative environment into a positive one can save lives and promote the overall well-being of a person. To this end, the AEI introduced a programme to make people more capable of defending themselves by gaining the knowledge and independence that can come from martial arts and self-defence training.

Blind Lady Using Cell Phone
Smart Phone Accessibility Training

Today the smart phone has become more than an essential communication platform, with applications from banking Apps to transport providers interfacing with clients in real-time. Leveraging the power of text-to-speech, screen-reading and voice recognition technology, the AEI empowers visually impaired clients by training them to best navigate a cell phone to perform these and most other essential tasks, so they can function with dignity and efficiency, potentially also opening doors to employment opportunities for them. The special skills needed to understand the unique accessibility dynamics and the tools applied in offering such training cannot be stated enough.