Our Back story

In 2003, the International Centre for Eyecare Education (ICEE) founded in 2000 became known as the Brien Holden Vision Institute Africa Trust (hereinafter referred to as the Africa Trust).

The change was made to recognise the significant efforts of Prof Brien Holden to the delivery of quality eye care to all. In Africa, the Africa Trust was registered as a non-profit in terms of the Non-Profit Organisation Act, 1997 of South Africa, and it also holds the status as a Public Benefit Organisation, meaning that all donations to the organization are tax deductible, a benefit to donors.

Described as “the most influential optometrist of our generation”, Prof Brien Holden has contributed significantly — through lecturing, research and innovation — to education, research, advocacy, social enterprise and humanitarian work in eye health, so that all brackets of society could access high quality, affordable eye health care. Much of this work was undertaken at the institutions he, his colleagues and associates established. Whilst Prof Brien Holden holds numerous prestigious awards, such as the Order of Australia Medal and Schwab Social Entrepreneur Award for Africa 2010, the more fitting testament to his work is the millions of people his institutions have helped through the decades.

   Owing to circumstances beyond the control of the Africa Trust, the Brien Holden Vision Institute Africa Trust’s name had to be recently changed to the African Eye Institute.

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